Marketing Intelligence Assistant

World's first Predictive AI Assistant for Businesses

MIA is a software which forecasts behavioural patterns of individual customers.

It quickly finds the optimal marketing or product strategy from the data without writing any code. 

It eases the process of reaching out to customers on fully integrated digital platforms through short natural language commands.

Prioritise your best customers

20% of your customers bring 80% of your revenues

Retain Best Customers

using forecasted lifetime value and churn predictions

Acquire Lookalikes

spend your precious marketing budget on the most valuable

Reward Loyalty

by building predictive segments based on profiles and behaviour

Personalise your content

Delight your customers with hyper customised care

Recommend Cross Sell

by predicting individual preferences of customers

Optimise Content

by doing experiments and analysing their success

Behavioural Triggers

to fully automate repetitive actions which work best for your business

Plug-&-Play Machine Learning

Save substantial costs and time with unprecedented big data technology

Minimal Data Needed

MIA just needs basic transaction information like customer ID, product, transaction time and amount, to predict behaviour

No Infrastructure Required

MIA automatically creates your personal cloud instance and copies all software pipelines

Easy Connection

MIA connects with cloud-based databases like Postgres/MySQL or existing CRM providers like Salesforce

Effortless Setup

A totally drag & drop one-time setup takes zero coding skills and less than one hour to deploy

No Data Science Required

MIA automatically cleans your data and creates hundreds of models to choose the right fit of algorithms and parameters

Digitally Integrated Chatbot

Quickly reach out to your best customers on different digital media platforms with natural language command interface

Connected Marketing Platforms

All major marketing platforms like MailChimp and Facebook are integrated into campaigns

Chatbot Interface

Interact with MIA in natural language to get the list of best customers, initiate a campaign or to find results of experiments

Data Security

We don't see, touch or store any of your data

Dedicated Server

All our clients get totally secure dedicated and personalised servers on cloud

No Intervention

No human ever accesses your server without your permission. All your needs are taken care of by our AI

World Class Security

We have installed state-of-art security measures to all servers so that you can work without any concerns

 Marketing & Product Optimisation 

with MIA

MIA: Give your customers the personalised care they deserve