Tapping into your Data Gold Mine

Tuple Intelligence Assistant is the only customer prediction infrastructure you will ever need to increase Marketing ROI

Tuple Intelligence Assistant is an AI platform which forecasts behavioural patterns of individual customers using plug-&-play machine learning. 

It attaches itself to your existing database and automatically starts making predictions in real time. No data cleaning, No additional software or hardware and No coding required.

Tuple Benefits

Untapped Revenue Streams

Finds out additional options of generating revenue through marketing by predicting subtle patterns like which customers are looking to spend or which customers will leave your business soon.

Optimal Marketing ROI

Points out that who is likely to respond to which content, at what time and on which channel - so you can get the maximum bang for marketing buck.

Easy & Convenient

We have pre-integrated the engine with platforms like Facebook, Mailchimp & Google Adwords so that you can turn the predictions into campaigns with a single click and browse your campaign reports.

Predictive Impactful Decisions

With propensity models, our engine can constantly monitor and predict the likelihood of some actions of interest. System proactively notifies you about certain actions that customers will be taking in near future:

  • Likelihood of conversion
  • Buying particular product/service 
  • Responding to the special type of communication.

Hidden Customer Segmentation

TIA automatically finds the hidden factors from your data which drives the purchase decisions of your customers. It then creates different kinds of customer segments based on these factors and gives you recommendations on who to target in real time

  • Demographic, Geographic & Social profiles
  • Behavioural Purchase patterns
  • Web, Social Media or App Engagement patterns

Prioritise Best Customers

TIA provides marketers with multiple dimensions like Wallet Size models, Bio Clustering and Behavioural Lifetime Value, looking into how valuable your continuous relationship with customers can be:

  • Retain best customers who are 3-4X more likely to buy
  • Acquire lookalikes similar to most profitable
  • Nurture long-term loyalty.

1:1 Personalisation

TIA predicts all attributes at an individual customer level which helps marketers provide each customer with the most relevant content only:

  • Cross-Sell/Favourite product recommendations
  • Coupon/Voucher strategy
  • Channel Optimisation

Confident Growth Marketing

Turn all your marketing campaigns into experiments by simply choosing an option and gain insights into how your customers react to your efforts:

  • A/B Testing
  • Automated Campaign Reports
  • Performance based on first-hand data

One-click Digital Marketing

The platform is pre-integrated for social and digital platforms. Takes 5 mins & a click to check suggestion, pull data and initiate a campaign:

  • Advertisements - Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter
  • Communications - Mailchimp, One Signal
  • Custom - Rest API to connect with your PN or Email server

CRM  Optimisation with Tuple

Predictive Analytics infrastructure for your customers | Effortless setup with no coding required | Easy to use | Deploy once and enjoy Benefits forever.