Rapid Business Growth 
with Predictive AI

Need premium Leads? 

Want superior Conversion?  

Crave seamless Cross-selling?

Fancy long-lasting Engagement? 

Plug-&-Play AI for Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

Predictive CLM: Go Beyond 'One Size Fit All'

Extract full value of customers by understanding their journey and taking relevant actions

What does Tuple do?

Machine learning and natural language processing for proactively & efficiently engaging customers 

Customer Predictions

Forecast every move of each customer with reliable accuracy. Stop guessing your strategy and plan ahead


Understand different tastes of your customers hidden in your data and track their journey

Product Recommendations

Generate cross-sell/up-sell product recommendations, drive traffic and boost loyalty


How Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can boost Sales & Marketing effectiveness?

Lead Generation

Our properitory Big Data technology tirelessly scans the 300+ data feeds to find the best customers for your business.

Mass Cross Selling

Ever vigilant AI constantly tracks what customers are looking for and predicts what might they require in the future.

Opportunity Alerts

Proactive AI bot points out opportunities and problems with your business instantly so that you dont miss a single heart-beat.

Omni-channel Marketing

Potent omni-channel marketing AI makes sure that customer engages with your brand on one platform or another

Customer Relationship Management

Trigger based Automation AI predicts customers preferences and maintains a non-invasive, delightful relationship.

Revolutionary AI with sole purpose of increasing sales for businesses


Increase in Revenue

observed by our clients within 6 months of deployment


Costs Slashed

in sales, marketing & operational overheads


Saved per Week

by proactive suggestions, data modeling & marketing automation


"Tuple team can comprehend the problem space so quickly. They have helped research and refine the problem and challenge the assumptions and then quickly provide analytical insights."

Bala Chandrasekaran

Director/JLT Interative

"It is like 10 people are sitting side by side inside the Tuple platform completing one task after another in no time."

Benny Low


"The rate at which Tuple's engine can churn out predictive models is impressive. The team at Tuple is excellent in their commitment to service delivery and very helpful with queries. "

Amit Singh

Chief Commercial Officer/AmLng

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