Predictive AI Suite for Enterprise CLM

Awareness to Conversion

Lead Search, Generation & Management

Lead Generation

Our AI tracks potential customers on various channels on the internet and gauges their interest in brands.

Social Media Monitoring

The platform tracks user activity on channels like Facebook & Twitter to detect potential sales opportunities.

Lead Enhancement

Our Engine is connected with 300+ data feeds which provide behavioral & profile information about potential customers.

Warm Leads Prediction

Using advanced machine learning, our engine identifies patterns from previous data and indicate leads who are most likely to convert

Customer Profiling

The AI is able to profile the customers based on data collected into actionable segments which can be used for targeted marketing

Activity Tracking

All the sales and marketing activities are tracked in real time. AI can self-learn from the customer's responses to drive optimal strategies in future.

Conversion to Loyalty

Customer Retention, Relationship Management & Cross Selling

Churn Prediction

Predictive AI forecasts which customers are going to leave your business soon and take proactive actions to retain them.

Product Recommendations

Intelligent Assistant finds similarities between purchase patterns to recommend cross selling options.

Behavioural Segments

Big Data technology tracks individual journeys of customers to highlight the paths the follow in customer lifecycle.

Text Parsing

Platform uses Natural Language Processing to extract hints that customers are leaving about their preferences in text.

Customer Prioritisation

20% of your customers bring 80% of your revenues. Your AI Assistant works tirelessly to turn good customers into loyals and keep them delighted.

Content Optimisation

The platform helps you perform testing on all the marketing and product features that your customers are exposed to.