Plug & Play AI

Tuple Intelligence Assistant is an AI platform which forecasts behavioral patterns of individual customers using plug-&-play machine learning.

It attaches itself to your existing database and automatically starts making predictions in real time. It acts as your personal assistant and gives you suggestions to improve your business

Revolutionary Features


Connects to all your existing database irrespective of shape, size, and volume. No formatting, No Cleaning, No Coding and No Changes necessary. Simply Plug-&-Play


Finds out additional options of generating revenue through marketing by predicting patterns like How much your customers are looking to spend or which customers will leave your business soon?

Omni Channel

Pre-integrated with platforms like Facebook, Mailchimp & Google Adwords so that you can turn the predictions into campaigns with a single click and browse your campaign reports.

Technology as a Service

Deep Learning

Advanced Neural Networks for recurring supervised learning 

Machine Learning

Traditional Machine Learning for Classification, Regressions and Clustering

Big Data

Hadoop & Spark based Architecture for low latency batch processing and data streaming

Natural Language Processing

Mining your texts and audios to find hidden gems

Predictive & Statistical Analysis

Get all the metrics, figures and test results via scientifically measured method